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Top 5 Best Back Massagers

Three features define a back massager; heat, vibration, and intensity. Combination of these three features in the right proportions is what makes the best back massagers. For the sake of those who do not know what a back massager is or can do? This article will give you an insight to what they are, how to find the best of this product and also a review of the top 5 best back massagers in the market.

What are back massagers?

Back massagers are machines used to relieve one off back pain. These machines work by manipulating the tissues in the body to help an individual relax. Mostly come as cushions but could also come as a handheld device. This is one machine every home would want. Amidst a stressful day at work, you could come back home to the comfort of your cushion which helps you relax. Amazing right! And unlike the traditional methods of massaging, you do not need to disrobe or spend hours far from the comfort of your home or workplace. At the comfort of your office or your home, you easily relieve stress.

What to look for when searching for a back massager?

It is a daunting task to find a back massager that really targets that particular pain. Massagers are bought depending on the situation or its purpose. So, when searching for a back massager or the best back massager for you, these are some questions you would want to answer before shopping for back massagers;

Do I want a full-back or handheld back massager?

Full-back massagers, unlike the contrary, can be operated by a single person. Full-backs are good for relaxation but do not target a particular part of the body. Full-backs come as a cushion, are easy to use and come with a heat option. On the other hand, Handheld back massagers are versatile; They are not just limited to the back. They are easy to carry around and massage the targeted muscles of the body. Sadly in most cases, they require assistance by another individual.

What shape do I go for?

This is a vital feature you need to consider as the shape of a back massager determines if the back massager can reach the source of the pain.


This is an Important feature in back massagers. The number of nodes in a back massager determines the intensity of the massage.

Do I want a back massager that comes with a shiatsu option?

This is a key feature you will want to look out for if you are seeking to recreate the touches of a masseuse.


You would want to go for a massage with this function. Heat helps to distract the brain from the pain and also stimulate your sensors.


Yes, please. This option makes a back massager be useable anywhere not requiring you to look for sockets for it to come on.


Do you want a portable back massager that can be easily moved? One that covers your body well? These are some considerations that should be put to thought before buying a back massager.

Top 5 Best Back Massagers

Vivreal Back Massager

A handheld back massager that promises smooth relaxation by massaging the soft body tissues. Known for its 6 interchangeable nodes, the intensity of this massager can be increased to very high levels. Here are some key features about this handheld machine that makes it one of the best back massagers in the market today.


This device can work for more than 21/2 hrs on a full charge, coupled with a smart battery status that lets you know when it’s fully charged. Coupled with its portability, this device can be used anywhere.

6 interchangeable nodes

Love the intensity of massage you get from a masseuse? This machine is useful in relieving stress and improving blood circulation thanks to its 6 interchangeable nodes that provide deep tissue massage. This device can reach that intensity and beyond at the click of a button.

Extremely safe with powerful motors

This device features an Ergonomic motor that provides up to 3200 pulses per minutes. This device is durable, equipped with a pure copper motor that has an overheat protection with an automatic shutdown time of 15 minutes.

1-Year warranty

A feature of every good product has. Because they are made to last for long, the company trusts its product.

In addition to these features, this device is cordless which is a good feature but the cords can easily be misplaced. The build is of this portable device is very nice, comes with a frosted design and massaging accessories that help relieve tension from the upper back, lower-back, and full body relaxation.

Snailax Back Massager

This is a neck and back massager that features a full back kneading shiatsu with height adjustment to relieve muscle pain. Here are some the features that make it one of a kind;

Shiatsu feature

This back-massaging cushion recreates the touches of a professional masseuse. Unlike other cushions, its function extends to the neck of the user.

Adjustable height and width feature

Thanks to the design of this cushion, it can be manipulated to fit an extremely tall person and also produce an equal amount of shiatsu. With regards to the size of the user, the width of this cushion is also extendable.

Spot massage function

This feature allows you to concentrate massage on a particular part of the body.


A user-friendly remote control is packed with this cushion to help you customize your experience well.
Unlike the Vivreal this device has just 4 interchangeable nodes. It also includes a heat option. Being a cushion, it is not really portable although its use is versatile but not easy to carry about.

Renpho Back Massager

This is a handheld electric massager, made out of a high-quality ABS plastic that features a Li-ion battery. Here are some features that make it one of the best back massagers.

Overall excellent build

This device is cordless and comes with 3600 pulses per minute motor that provides deep tissue massage to give you that excellent relaxation you decide.


This device features a Li-ion battery with a capacity of 2600mAh giving it a run time of more than 2hrs when fully charged.

Like the Vivreal, this device is safe, having a shutdown time of 20 minutes after use to prevent overheating. Marvelous user-friendly design with button options provided on the build that comes with 3 strength modes and 4-speed modes. Unfortunately, this device not have a smart battery status bar to indicate if the device is fully charged. Come with lots of accessories to give users maximum relaxation.

Restec Back Massager

Just when you think you have seen it all, Resteck comes up with this beautiful design for a handheld back massager. This massager is lightweight and easy to carry, can focus on a particular part of the body and comes with a bag for easy transportation of the device. With this device, you can relax anywhere anytime.

Reduces pains

With this device, you can minimize acute pains to the lowest by focusing on the source of the pain and improving blood circulation.

Control heat

This device provides heat to stimulate your sensors and also block the brain from the pain.

Like every other back massager on this list, this also provides deep tissue massage. While this device has a unique build, it requires you to use both hands in a standing position if you want the full experience.

Zyllion Back Massager

This is a shiatsu massager that focuses on the neck of the user. Also known as the pillow massager, this device features; a heating function to sooth pain, 4 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes that provide intensive and deep tissue massage to relieve aches and muscle tension. This portable device can be used at home, in the office and also in the car. It has a nice slim body build that features a top quality texture that’s easy to clean with adjustable straps. Sadly, the function of this device is limited to the neck.

This device compared to the quality of relaxation they offer come at a surprisingly cheap price.

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